March 2010 50 Blueberries

50 new Blueberry plants have arrived!

(25) of Sapphire

Early. Bush has medium vigor, semi-spreading. Fruit is medium sized, light blue, very firm, small scar, with a pleasant aroma and excellent balance of sweet and tart flavors.
Sapphire was developed by the University of Florida to fill the need for lower chill varieties. Sapphire sets a high ratio of berry buds so pruning will be important for optimum berry size and plant growth. We recommend Sapphire for trial in low chill areas where winter frosts are uncommon. Chilling hours are estimated at 200.

(25) of Primadonna’

Primadonna produces large, high-quality berries on a vigorous, upright bush.  In Florida, ‘Primadonna’ requires careful pruning to induce spring leafing.

A new and distinct southern highbush blueberry plant, substantially as illustrated and described, characterized by a vigorous, low-chill bush that produces large berries with excellent scar and firmness during April in north Florida. The berries of Primadonna are large and have excellent scar and firmness. Berry color is medium blue and flavor is medium to good. The berry picks and packs well and the berries ripen during a concentrated harvest period. These characteristics have made Primadonna very attractive to growers.